Services and Assistance

CANEGROWERS Mackay's Grower Services team is committed to providing services that best promote the interests of our members. Some of these include:
- Representation, advocacy and advice on a wide range of issues affecting farming entities including, but not limited to -
   * Marketing
   * Environment
   * Water and Electricity
   * Transport and Machinery
   * Workplace Health and Safety
   * Cane Firing
   * Road Licence Matters etc......
- Assistance provided to the Bargaining Agents with the negotiation of Cane Supply Contracts
- Management of Cane Audit Service in mills
- Provision of advice on Cane Payment and Analysis issues
- Provision of experienced staff member to prepare a standard farm lease for Sugar Cane Production
- Provision of experienced staff member to prepare Sugar Cane Sharefarm Agreements
- Provision of administrative assistance with Sugar Terminal Shareholdings transfers
- For members requiring legal assistance, staff liaise with CANEGROWERS legal advisor, CJ Cooper on the member's behalf





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