Fire Perils Crop Insurance Scheme

Free Crop Insurance for all members for the 2022 Season

As part of a new initiative aimed at lowering costs for growers, for the 2022 season CANEGROWERS members will get free crop insurance.
This member benefit ensures you are covered against fire, hail or transport losses via a basic crop insurance cover with an indemnity level of $35 per tonne with nil excess.

We offer a top-up facility as has been made available in previous years should you need higher coverage.

If you would like further information about the product, please contact your district office on 4944 2600.

CANEGROWERS has used our strong membership base and experience in the insurance market to develop this competitive product and the premium is being paid by the CANEGROWERS organisation.

This basic crop insurance is for all members, free of charge as part of your membership.

CANEGROWERS paying this season crop insurance premium for members, is one more benefit, in alignment with the other key benefits, of your CANEGROWERS membership. As a not-for-profit public company, CANEGROWERS has been representing the interests of Queensland sugarcane growers since 1926.

Fire Perils Crop Insurance Scheme provides cover for accidental fire damage caused to a crop or trash blanketed cane (other than controlled burn-off). CGU Insurance is the Underwriter of this Scheme which is only provided to Members of CANEGROWERS.

A CANEGROWERS Mackay Staff member will assist the grower to:

  • Contact the Insurer
  • Complete a claim
  • Arrange for an ‘Assessment of Loss Report’ to be completed which details:
  • actual damage to property and recommended activities to be undertaken to re-establish farm, eg, additional fertilising, irrigation etc
  • loss of standing cane
  • Notify the Insurer once the re-establishment activities have been completed and arrange for reimbursement of additional costs incurred by the grower (as detailed in the ‘Assessment of Loss Report’)
  • Arrange for a report to be completed following the subsequent crush to determine the yield loss (tonnes of cane)
  • Notify the Insurer of yield loss tonnage and arrange for payment at the insured indemnity rate amount or 90% of the value per tonne of cane the Member would have received, if it had not been subject of a claim, whichever is the lesser.