Sugar Terminals Shareholdings


Sugar Terminals Limited owns six bulk sugar terminals located in Queensland. The terminals are capable of storing up to two and a half million tonnes of bulk raw sugar for the purpose of shipping raw sugar.

Ownership of the terminals was transferred to growers and millers through share alloction [Sugar Terminals Limited (STL) “G” Class shares] in August 2000. The terminals are managed by Queensland Sugar Limited, however from 1 July 2017, STL will oversee the operation and maintenance of these terminals, wth Queensland Sugar Limited engaged as its key contractor under a long term Operating Agreement.

Shareholding is available to active cane farming enterprises only. Trading of STL Shares is listed on the Natinal Stock Exchange of Australia. To view the latest trades, go to:

Service provided by CANEGROWERS Mackay

Should a grower wish to trade shares to another party, CANEGROWERS Mackay can facilitate the paperwork for transfer.

Should a grower wish to trade shares but does not have a buyer, the following options are available:

  • Contact CANEGROWERS Mackay office on 4944 2600 to place an advertisement in the local Newsletter or
  • Contact Stockbrokers, RBS Morgans Limited by phoning 4957 3033.


Growers selling shares through RBS Morgans Limited will receive a discount rate when referred by CANEGROWERS Mackay.