Pilot/Escort Level I & II Vehicle Driving Training Course

CANEGROWERS Mackay facilitates this training through Brisbane based Motor School Driver Training Specialists. If you do not have your licence accreditation, you are able to undertake the Pilot/Escort training course that covers both Level I (Pilot) & Level II (Escort). If you do need this qualification, please register your interest by phoning 4944 2600 so that a training course can be facilitated.

Pilot/Escort Vehicle Driver Requirements and Information

Some growers have asked if they are able to use their own roadworthy field vehicles as pilot/escort vehicles. This certainly is the case, as long as the field vehicle meets the following qualifications under the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

A pilot vehicle or escort vehicle must not:
– tow a trailer; or
– carry goods

but it may carry equipment or substances for use in connection with the class 1 heavy vehicle it is accompanying or for restraining a load on that heavy vehicle.
Click here to view further relevant and updated information on Pilot and Escort Vehicles (Division 5).

7.8 Pilot/Escort vehicles lawful operation, minimum requirements

Pilot and Escort Vehicle Driver Requirements – Accredited pilot and escort vehicle drivers must:

a) carry their industry authority card or interim industry authority document at all times and their pilot/escort movement record book (if applicable) when performing the role; and

b) produce their industry authority card or interim industry authority document at the request of an employer, police officer or an authorised officer; and

c) produce their industry authority card or interim industry authority to the driver of the oversize vehicle (with the Record Movement Book) and to other pilot/escort vehicle drivers before commencing the journey, to confirm their level of accreditation; and

d) comply with any requirements for pilot/escort vehicle drivers specified under a Notice, Permit, the Queensland Access Conditions Guide and any other authorisation issued to the oversize vehicle.

Pilot/Escort Vehicles Lawful Operation – minimum requirements

1. Rules involving movement logs
A movement record book is the permit to move. So, this means no movement record – no permit. The load could be deemed unlawful.  Movement logs do need to be filled in correctly and must be legible.

2. Correct signage on vehicle
The Vehicle has a legal requirement for signage, that must state – OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD and strobe lighting is not allowed. Rotating LED beacons or standard rotating beacon are acceptable. The signage requirements are that the sign must be roof mounted on pilot vehicle and beacon visible from 360 degrees, hence the need for two lights.

3. Cost of fines
Generally, fines are $3000 and up. Click here to view the penalty schedule. Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is transitioning across to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) so the changes maybe ongoing.

4. The holder of a pilot/escort vehicle driver accreditation
The holder of this driver accreditation is authorised to operate a pilot vehicle to warn other road users of the presence of an oversize vehicle/combination.


We are taking Expressions of Interest for further 2023 courses.

Please register your interest with CANEGROWERS on 4944 2600. We require a minimum number of attendees for the course to go ahead.


There are currently no courses scheduled in Mackay.

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