Leaving School

Think about a Traineeship


  • are contracted to an employer for 12 – 18 months
  • can combine training and work to successfully gain competencies in a vocational area
  • can access government funded training

Check out the following careers:

  • Agricultural Supplies Retailing
  • Agricultural Machinery Wholesaler
  • Agricultural Technology Officer
  • Farm Machinery Maintenance 
  • Laboratory Worker
  • Store Person
  • Specialised Machinery Operator
  • Senior Farm Hand
  • Farm Maintenance Overseer
  • Sugar Cane Analyst/Auditor

Think about University

With challenges such as climate change, environmental agendas and cost/price squeeze, it is estimated that 2,000 agricultural graduates will be needed annually.

Positions are available in:

  • Research, Development and Extension
  • Production
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Food Services
  • Policies

Check out the following careers:

  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Distribution/Operations Manager
  • Senior Environmental Scientist

For more information on the above careers