Mackay - Smartcane BMP

Smartcane  BMP - better than Reef Regulations
It has become more critical to maintain the correct records as the Queensland Government enforces this through legislation.  It is vitally important that growers register and complete the self-assessments.   Once registered, growers can work at their own pace to achieve accreditaton.   The Smartcane BMP program covers seven modules but the three that relate to Government regulations are:

- Soil Health and Nutrition Management
Weed, Pest and Disease Management
Irrigation and Drainage Management

Registering and self-assessing is the first step and you can do this online at

  For more information and if you would like assistance, contact:
  • Audra Windsor - MAPS  0437 542 204
  • Damien Baxter (Plane Creek) 0427 624 920
  • John Eden 0438 730 379

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