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Harvest Safety Inductions

- Each of the two online inductions consists of approx 6-7 topics that contain relevant information and includes an assessment for each topic.
- These Harvest Safety Inductions are available 24/7 and can be completed at home with induction cards provided on successful completion - these inductions do not work on Smart Phones or iPads. 

A  Cost for each online induction: CANEGROWERS Mackay Members $30.00 (inc. GST) and Non-Members $78.00 (inc. GST)

B  The online siding Induction is valid for three (3) years i.e. 3 harvest seasons

1.   These online inductions are aimed at making the industry and especially work at sidings, safer for everyone working in the shared workplaces. 

All workplaces must comply with the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and ensure that all workers are aware of their obligations, are aware of the risks associated with working in a rural environment and are equipped to manage those risks

3.   Be
fore accessing the online induction, payment needs to be made to CANEGROWERS Mackay by phoning 4944 2600

4.   When payment has been received (credit card details can be taken by phone), your log-in access and a small user guide will be emailed to you or collected

5.   When all assessments have been completed, an induction card/s will be posted to you or collected from CANEGROWERS Mackay Reception including your receipt if payment was made by phone.

  Please note:
- You must be LICENCED to operate a vehicle in a shared workplace (siding) - this applies to anyone going on a siding or interacting with bins, locos or other plant or equipment in the siding area

- Only persons 15 years of age or over (and intending to physically set foot in a siding) can undertake the siding induction  - this does 
NOT mean they are eligible to drive within the siding

- Exception: if one of the children goes down to the siding for a ride in the tractor with Mum or Dad and they don't get out of the vehicle at any time, then they do not need to be inducted.
1. Sugar Cane Siding 
The siding or delivery point is considered a workplace and as such presents a number of risks and hazards which need to be managed.

-   This online siding induction are for all siding users (Growers, including family members, employees or contractors and contractor's employees) who may be required to enter a siding during their working day.
2. Participate in Work Health and Safety Processes 
General farm safety induction of all workers.
Look up and live App
The Ergon Energy App can be used by Growers along with a resource for awareness of powerlines by using Rotamarkers.  With many Members having powerlines throughout their property, CANEGROWERS Mackay is sourcing training for working safely around power lines in 2020.  Updates will follow - if interested in attending this training, please phone Shelley 4944 2600 to lodge your Expression of Interest.
Look up and live App and rotamarkers are available for installation on properties - ERGON ENERGY
Ergon Energy has recently released a trial of a  new powerline safety planning tool on  that assists landowners to adequately plan work around powerlines, when planning work near powerlines.
It is very important that powerline markers are installed to ensure harvesters and farm machinery operators keep the powerline hazards front of mind. Ergon now also have new very visible powerline markers called rotamarkers available for installation on properties. The rotating motion of these red and white markers draws the attention of operators and reduces the chance of operators having inattentional blindness and not seeing the powerlines when operating near them. Glen Cook from Ergon Energy talks about the rotamarkers in the attached video.
Contact 4944 2600 to organise payment and your username and password to access the online inductions.
CANEGROWERS Mackay holds the intellectual property rights of these online inductions.  It must not be amended or copied without prior permission.







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