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Sugar Cane Haulout Project

The sugar cane harvesting takes place between June and November each year. The majority of the sugarcane is harvested green these days by self propelled harvesting machines and some growers will use harvesting contarctors to harvest their crop while others may use their own cane harvester.  Working in the sugar cane harvest does require considerable safety training. The main role for the haulout operator is driving the cane haulage vehicles beside the harvesters and then taking harvested cane to the rail siding to offload into rail bins.  When all bins have been filled, a loco (train) takes it to the sugar cane mill.   During the harvest, there maybe general farm work, some cultivation and work with harvesting contractors.  To view a short video on sugar cane haulout operations click here.

NOTE: To undertake accreditated training, you will need your Unique Identifer Number (USI).  This number will need to noted on the enrolment form and you will have to keep this number in a safe place in case you undertake further training.  If you do not have a USI number, you can create one (this only takes a few minutes) here....

Licence classification (with no restrictions) for operating haulout units:
- if the haulout unit is registered as a truck - the driver will need the appropriate truck licence for the type of truck they are driving
- mobile machinery (specially constructed vehicles) are driven on a C Class licence - does not matter if it is a 4t, 6t, 8t, in-field transporter etc. (as long as the vehicle is not driven on a Learner's licence)
- Red P1 and Red P2 licences are provisional level licences and these meet the requirements to be a haulout operator
- Cranes are the exception - the appropriate licence is needed for this type of vehicle

The project is designed for people who are interested in seasonal employment within the sugar cane industry as a haulout operator, is competency based and conducted with industry based trainers.  The sugar cane harvest cane haulout operators operate high-horsepowered, airconditioned tractors towing hydraulically operated tipping trailers or rollon/rolloff bins with a gross vehicle mass of greater than nine (9) tonnes.  All equipment used in the training is operated in the harvesting operations of the sugar cane. 

The four-day course Monday 10th to Thursday 13th May 2021, consists of the relevant skill set for haulout operators and the units of competency that each participant will complete are part of the Certificate II in Rural Operations:
- AHCMOM202 Operate tractor
- AHCMOM204 Undertake operational maintenance of machinery
- AHCMOM214 Operate cane haulage vehicle
- AHCWHS201 Participate in work health and safety processes 

 At the end of the project participants will be trained to industry standard and be competent in:
operations of a cane haulage vehicle
workplace health & safety associated with sugar cane harvest work
effective work practices and workplace communication 
practical (hands-on) experience with tractors
machinery and maintenance of machinery

Participants will receive a Statement of Attainment from the Registered Training Organisation (Axiom College) on completion of the project.

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