Fire Perils Crop Insurance Scheme

Fire Perils Crop Insurance Scheme provides cover for accidental fire damage caused to a crop or trash blanketed cane (other than controlled burn-off). CGU Insurance is the Underwriter of this Scheme which is only provided to Members of CANEGROWERS.

A CANEGROWERS Mackay Staff member will assist the grower to:
* Contact the Insurer
* Complete a claim
* Arrange for an 'Assessment of Loss Report' to be completed which details:
- actual damage to property and recommended activities to be undertaken to re-establish farm, eg, additional fertilising, irrigation etc 
- loss of standing cane
* Notify the Insurer once the re-establishment activities have been completed and arrange for reimbursement of additional costs incurred by the grower (as detailed in the 'Assessment of Loss Report')
*Arrange for a report to be completed following the subsequent crush to determine the yield loss (tonnes of cane)
*Notify the Insurer of yield loss tonnage and arrange for payment at the insured indemnity rate amount or 90% of the value per tonne of cane the Member would have received, if it had not been subject of a claim, whichever is the lesser

Policy Cover
For the period from 1 June 2017 to 31 May 2018 Fire Perils Crop Insurance Scheme provides cover of $35 per tonne of cane to CANEGROWERS Members in the Mackay District.

"Top-Up Fire Perils Crop Insurance"
is available (upon application) up to $40 per tonne of cane.

















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